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Wireless Video Alarm Systems

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Wireless Video Alarms
The HomeAlert wireless video alarm system is your eyes in your house, even when you are out of the country.

Traditional burglar alarm false alerts are so common few people report them. But the Home Alert wireless video alarm system is 'your eyes in your home', wherever you are.


It enables you to see any intruder in your home within minutes via revolutionary new technology.


Home Alert is a brand new, easy to use, wireless, battery operated, video alarm system. It provides video verification of any intruders in your home. The Home Alert video camera/detectors in your home will send a 5-10 second video clip to any internet-enabled computer, tablet, or smart phone including i-Phone, i-Pad, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones.


The revolutionary internet based WebEye technology not only delivers the alarm to your internet enabled device it knows if you have received it and and whether you have viewed the alarm. It can flood the alarm to any number of friends or family you choose to receive it and will repeatedly re-alarm until the alert is acknowledged.


Home Alert video alarm allows you to relax, knowing your home is safe. In the case of an intruder break-in the police will respond quickly to a confirmed video verification of an intruder's presence.

The following phone apps are available for the HomeAlert system.

           Android Webeye app   Windows Phone Webeye app   Blackberry Webeye app   Webeye Apple app

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